Friday, 18 February 2011

An open letter to Lord Sugar

Dear Lord Sugar

On 17 Feb you posted the following Tweet: 'I got stick from ppl when I said hope Egypt crisis does not repeat in other countries. My reason was wrong people do it for wrong reasons.' I replied by asking you, extremely politely, to clarify your statement. In response, you appeared to jump to conclusions and, in front of your 342,666 followers, abused me.

I tried to explain that I was genuinely interested in your thoughts but you refused to reply (all of this is on my timeline). Twitter is a public forum, not entirely intended to promote The Apprentice, Amscreen or your rivalry with @piersmorgan. Having been a lifelong supporter of the institution of the House of Lords for its reasoned perspective and a recent Labour supporter, I no longer count myself either as, on my single encounter with a Labour representative of the Lords, I was met with your unreasoned abuse. Any reply would be welcome on the forum where you refused to engage with me @jonas_milk

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