Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Claudia Brücken back on ZTT

On an old Propaganda record sleeve, Zang Tuum Tumb label conspirator Paul Morley quoted Nietszche: 'Refashioning the fashioned is work of endless vitality.' As the principal populariser of the 12" remix, it could have stood as ZTT's in-house motto in the mid 1980s; since then it has seemingly served as justification for a stream of rereleases, reliving the record company's heyday.

ZTT have been raiding the vaults again, notably for a compilation of Propaganda frontwoman Claudia Brücken, Combined. It's a resonant title: apart from her work with Düsseldorf's second finest, she's best in collaboration - with Thomas Leer (as Act), Paul Humphreys (Onetwo), Martin Gore, Stephen Hague and John Uriel (I'll pass over the numbers with Andy Bell and Magnus Fiennes). Cheeky beggars that they are, for her duet with Glenn Gregory on When Your Heart Runs of Time (from the soundtrack to Nic Roeg's Insignificance), you'll have to buy ZTT's other new release, The Art of the 12".

Some other German women pop stars singing in English: Nico (Velvet Underground), Inga (Humpe & Humpe) and Billie Ray Martin (Electribe 101). Also note Datafreq's 2006 track, Claudia Brücken's Lips.

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