Monday, 25 July 2011

Foxy Elena

In a month's time Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In opens in the UK, starring Elena Anaya opposite Antonio Banderas (pictured). Anaya's first major role came alongside Paz Vega and Najwa Nimri in Julio Medem's Sex and Lucía in 2001. Anaya plays the naughty nanny, Belén, who lends writer Lorenzo porn films starring her mother; the film's central tragedy is wrought when Belén and Lorenzo get together.

Unlike her equally beautiful co-star Vega, Anaya has largely avoided such cod-English comedy films as Spanglish, opting instead for French cinema. She is the heavily pregnant hostage in thriller Point Blank (2010), and appeared across both Mesrine movies (2008).

She's worked before with Almodóvar, in Talk to Her (2002), and returned to Medem for lesbian chamber piece Room in Rome (2010). Here's hoping her latest outing will uncover some grit beneath the wide-eyed features.


  1. She makes a fantastic bride of Dracula in terrible-but-I always-watch-it-when-it's-on-and-it's-always-on-monster-fest Van Helsing too!

  2. Hello sir! Lovely to hear from you, have been thinking of you - also, needed to talk garden landscaping! All the very best from over here!

  3. You may need my cousin Capability Higgins I'm afraid. He may not have invented the seed-drill but he's a dab hand with a spore-hammer.