Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Yelle peril

This year may be the first time English-speaking music fans hear of French trio Yelle (pictured), whose bonkers Safari Club Disco single is out now. An Alizée-Pink cross, they're supporting Katy Perry in 2011 and an album is due in March, when they're playing London.

They also appear on Nouvelle Vague's latest alongside Coralie Clément and Camille, among others. Couleurs sur Paris is not available in the UK, presumably because the 1980s cover artists have taken on French favourites. I'm keen to hear Vanessa Paradis' version of Etienne Daho's Week-end à Rome, the song that became He's On the Phone with St Etienne.

Nouvelle Vague previously painted Heaven 17's Let Me Go with their bossa shtick on the Bande à part album (2006); it's a song Yelle returned to for Ce jeu on 2007's Pop Up album, seemingly borrowing the original's backing wholesale. A couple more unexpected versions of some other great '80s songs I may as well mention here: Sophie Ellis-Bextor tackling Propaganda's biggest moment, Duel, and Tracey Thorn on Pet Shop Boys' King's Cross (Hot Chip Remix).

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