Tuesday, 26 October 2010


The London Film Festival comes to a close this week and, as ever, it's been a mixed bag. I'm terrible at choosing films to see from the voluminous programme; luckily a very lovely friend does, and we seem to have a 50-50 hit rate, which is perhaps representative for the LFF. I'm amazed excellent Italian horror-thriller The Double Hour (La doppia ora), one of the films we caught last year, hasn't found a distributor here, while I wouldn't rush to the latest Kristin Scott Thomas flick, In Your Hands (Contre toi), a very odd take on kidnapping we saw the other night.

You don't want to choose something that's going to be on general release a week later nor do you want to be stuck in a 125-minute piece of anti-cinema from Egypt - ie The Traveller (Al Mosafer). Worst, for me, are those interminable waits at cinemas unfamiliar with customer courtesy - Odeon and Vue West Ends - and are more interested in shovelling viewers in and out of routinely delayed screenings.

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