Friday, 9 April 2010

One vision: digital cinema

The last couple of films I've seen in London were screened in digital. They did both look great but I am beginning to understand what vinyl purists have been moaning about ever since the introduction of CDs - digital does leech much of the depth and warmth.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend the torture porn of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo if you're not a fan of the books but what could have been an impressive TV drama didn't come out any the worse on the big screen at the Odeon Covent Garden. And the Curzon Soho did full service to Lourdes' populous scenes, and others set in alienating, strip-lit rooms and tunnels.

While those films were well served by digital projection, I'm glad I've seen Gainsbourg and L'affaire farewell - both highly recommended! - on film. It's nothing new for artists to have to suit their message to the medium and manner of delivery to audiences, but does digital mean that the work of directors/ cinematographers will start looking the same rather than reflecting the subject matter, or their own vision?

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