Sunday, 15 February 2009

Five things I've learned from pop music

  1. "In World War II the average of the combat soldier was 26/In Vietnam he was 19" – Paul Hardcastle, 19
  2. "Just for the sake of it, make sure you're always frowning/It shows the world that you've got substance and depth" – Pet Shop Boys, Miserablism
  3. "The sun is a mass of incandescent gas/A gigantic nuclear furnace/Where hydrogen is built into helium/At a temperature of millions of degrees"– They Might Be Giants, Why Does The Sun Shine?
  4. "Two things you should be slow to criticise: a man's choice of woman and his choice of work" – Prefab Sprout, Jordan: The Comeback
  5. The Rain Falls Deepest On The Shortest Haircut – The Lilac Time, b-side to Dreaming

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